Annotated Bib 1

Annotated Bib 1

Topic is to kill a mocking bird


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Halpern, I. (2008). Rape, Incest, and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird: On Alabama’s Legal            Construction of Gender and Sexuality in the Context of Racial Subordination. Colum. J.            Gender & L., 18, 743.

The article evaluates the impact of the story “To kill a Mocking Bird” in the society as it emphasized on racism. Having been publicly acclaimed, the story is accredited to the enduring fight against racism in the society as it is one of the circulated works in the America society. Despite the novel’s condemnation of racism in the United States, it has proven to be one venerable object in the legal establishment rather than its literal application to the justice system. As such, this author evaluates how this is a peculiarity that has given the novel a rise in comments of its discussion.

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