Annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography

The annotated bibliography is a cornerstone of academic research and allows students and policy analysts to understand the current state of knowledge about an issue before proposing policy alternatives.

  • How does an annotated bibliography prepare you to create an effective literature review?
  • If a policy analyst simply did an Internet search and gave policymakers some results about a policy issue, what would happen? What would be missing?
  • Using credible academic and government reference sources to build a literature review is crucial, but it can be challenging to write. How will you approach transitioning from the annotated bibliography to the literature review?
    • What are some common errors to avoid in writing a literature review?
All is in the text just need to be 400-600 words.. Also there is another part to this I will request you after this one is complete
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Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography contains a list of different sources that one would intend to use in a particular research. However, in addition to listing the different sources of information, an individual also delves deeper into understanding the context of the research studies in addition to the different strengths and weaknesses of the research. Consequently, one would not simply gather a list of possible sources of information without going through the content to determine the effectiveness of the content in presenting an ideal source of support for his or her ideas as presented in the research. The resulting critical review would then give the researcher an opportunity to determine whether the source is relevant or not.

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