Countering the ISIS/ISIL Threat

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Review the instructions for the Final Paper in Week 5 of your online course or in the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide. Develop a thesis and outline, and an Annotated bibliography for at least five sources to be used in your final paper in addition to the references identified in the assignment. This prep assignment is intended to help you prepare for the final draft of the Framework, which is due in Week 5.

This assignment must contain the following elements:

Thesis. Write a thesis statement for your Final Project. The thesis statement should synthesize the point or claim you intend to argue or prove in your paper. In your Final Paper, the thesis should be the final sentence of your introduction and the first sentence of your conclusion.
Outline. The outline must include all of the required components stated in the assignment instructions.
Annotated Bibliography of five academic references. The annotated bibliography must contain:
APA Citation.
A summary of the article to include, what the author tested, major conclusions and recommendations.
Summarize how each source will contribute to your Framework.

Students are reminded of Ashford University standards for academic research. Scholarly references standards include:

Primary (original) sources written by experts in the field of study
Secondary sources supported by research in primary sources
Credible sources (experts in the area of study)
Relevant research (materials are pertinent to the area of study)
Peer-reviewed journal articles (journal articles reviewed by recognized experts in the relevant field of study) are required.
Official Government Websites are appropriate sources of information.
Educational websites may be appropriate in some cases but should be evaluated carefully.

The following are examples of what is not acceptable for academic research and referencing:

Wikipedia, other wikis, or blogs
Websites and other sources that do not provide quality researched materials (site does not use credible sources to support the information in the document)
All research must reflect professional academic protocol and be documented according to APA standards (Please see guidelines for avoiding plagiarism).

Here are the Week 5 Requirements. For this assignment, all I need to be completed is a Thesis/Outline/Annotated Bibliography

Throughout this course, you have studied various terrorist groups and intelligence capabilities to counter the threats posed by these groups. For this project, review one of the following news websites to gain a thorough understanding of ISIS/ISIL terrorist group:

ABC News. (2015, February 23) ISIS: Trail of terror (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from:…
Al-Jazeera America. (n.d.). Iraq in turmoil (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from:…
CBS News. (n.d.). The fight against ISIS (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from:
CNN News (n.d.) ISIS (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from:
Fox News (n.d.) ISIS (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from:
Then, select two of the following Congressional Research Service Reports (Note Week 5 Readings). Read the Introductions and Summaries of each report.

Archick, K., Belkin, P., Blanchard, C., Humud C., & Mix, D. (2015, April 27). European fighters in Syria and Iraq: Assessments, responses, and issues for the United States (Links to an external site.). Congressional Research Service, Washington D.C. Retrieved from:
Blanchard, C., Humud C., Katzman K., & Weed, M. (2015, June 11). The Islamic State: Crisis and U.S. policy. (Links to an external site.) Congressional Research Service, Washington D.C. Retrieved from:
Blanchard, C., Humud C., & Nikitin, M. (2015, July 2015). Armed conflict in Syria: Overview and U.S. response (Links to an external site.). Congressional Research Service, Washington D.C. Retrieved from:
Humud, C., Pirog, R., & Rosen, L. (2015, April 10).Islamic State financing and U.S. policy approaches (Links to an external site.). Congressional Research Service, Washington D.C. Retrieved from:
Using the knowledge you have learned in this course evaluating various terrorist groups and the threat they pose, use the Intelligence Cycle (Note Week Two, readings and forums) to help demonstrate your understanding of the threat posed by ISIS to America. Develop an intelligence request and provide recommendations to law enforcement agencies from the Department of Homeland Security on how to counter the ISIS/ISIL threat.

Your Final Project must address the following:

Understanding the Threat. Summarize who ISIS/ISIL is and why ISIS/ISIL is a threat to America.
Intelligence Assets and Capability. Based on the threat, select three intelligence agencies to generate actionable intelligence on ISIS/ISIL. Describe the capabilities of the intelligence asset and the type of intelligence gathered by the intelligence agency. Finally, explain how the combination of the three intelligence assets will work together to provide a better understanding of the threat, the methods, and the capabilities of ISIS/ISIL.
Develop a Request For Intelligence (RFI). Based on your analysis of the threat, voids in intelligence on the threat, and the available intelligence assets, develop a specific request for intelligence (RFI) from the appropriate intelligence agencies to identify future intelligence requirements.
DHS Recommendations to Law Enforcement Agencies. Provide a minimum of two recommendations from DHS to law enforcement agencies to adjust operations to counter the ISIS/ISIL threat to America.

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