Announcing the Close of a Division

Announcing the Close of a Division

Announcing the Close

of a Division


Imagine that you are the head of Yippee’s video division and have the unfortunate

task of communicating to employees—by email—that the service will be discontinued.

The company’s plan is to archive current videos but no longer host new videos.

With competing sites such as YouTube, Hulu, and Vimeo, Yippee does not see a

competitive advantage and wants to invest in other services, such as email and

photo sharing.


1. What is the purpose of your message?

2. Describe your audience.

3. Should you use a direct or an indirect organizational plan? Why?

4. Write the fi rst sentence of your email. Be professional, yet sensitive to employees’


5. How much space should you devote to discussing the reasons for the decision?


6. Write the last sentence of your email. Strive for a forward-looking approach, but be

careful not to minimize employees’ feelings.


Draft, revise, format, and proofread your email. Then submit both your answers to the

process questions and your revised email to your instructor




Solution Preview

The purpose of the message is to inform employees of Yippee’s about the decision made by the company to discontinue its service. The purpose of the message is to alert the employees and keep them aware of the actions the company is willing to take. The other purpose of the message is to also to thank the employees of the company for the services they have rendered to the company since their employment and to inform them about the unfortunate decision taken.

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