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What has been your experience in completing projects “on time, under budget, within specifications, and acceptable to the client?”
How has your distribution effort varied over the life of project you’ve worked on? Do you start out strong and taper off? Do you start out slowly and build? Sketch out a graph that has effort on the y axis and time on x axis for a typical project. Is your effort curve consistent with the “bell-shaped” curve? Is it different? Does most of your effort happen during the last few hours before the project is due? If much of your effort is applied in the closing hours of the project, perhaps you are freezing the design or solution too late. How does your enthusiasm vary over the project life cycle?
What skills are essential for effective project managers? How can those skills be enhanced and developed?
What does the literature identify as keys to project success? List 3 sources you reviewed. How does this list compare to your own experience?
Are there other ways that come to mind for organizing the project manager’s role? What are they? What are their advantages and disadvantages?



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Question 1
My experience when it comes to completing projects on time, clients become impressed since it is an indication that no additional costs will be incurred since projects that are on time are in line with the projected costs. When a project is completed within the stipulated time and under budget, it is an indication that the project team outperformed themselves compared to the projected costs.

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