answer the following questions

answer the following questions

Sustainable Cities Assignment.

There are over 326 Cities in the world with populations greater than 1 Million people each. A number of issues are associated with large cities. There are environmental issues, economic issues and issues that affect people and social equity.

Watch the videos on the class website and review the PowerPoint presentation on the class website. In addition, do some light research on “issues associated with large cities”



1) Describe in detail THREE environmental issues caused by large cities.

2) List and describe THREE sustainable solutions that address these problems.

3) Describe TWO Social Justice issues and TWO Economic issues associated with large cities.

4) How SPECIFICALLY do the solutions you’ve provided positively address ALL aspects of the sustainability triangle or triple bottom line (Environment, Equity, Economy) ?




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Environmental, social and economic issues associated with large cities
Three environmental problems caused by large cities
Large cities comprise less than three percent of the earth’s surface but they usually contain a high concentration of people, industries and energy consumption. Therefore, they lead to several environmental issues. Environmental pollution is one of the problems caused by cities.

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