answer the question in a paragraph

answer the question in a paragraph

Complete the reading below before attempting the assignment. The answer must be based on the reading. Page 63-73. Don’t forget to include your insights as well (not from the internet). Answer the following question in one paragraph.…

1) Assume that you are a criminologist who wants to determine the extent to which high school students engage in risky behavior such as abusing alcohol an illegal drugs, carrying weapons, and contemplating suicide. How would you go about gathering these data?




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In order to be able to gather adequate data regarding the degree to which high school students take part in perilous behaviors such as abusing alcohol and illegal drugs, carrying of weapons as well as contemplating suicide there will be various measures that I ought to put in place. First, I would check out the Uniform Crime Report so that I can be able to see the number of high school students who have been arrested so far concerning these behaviors. Secondly, I would conduct victim surveys where I will be able to interview the victims directly.

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