Answer the questions in 500 words each and respond to the attached posts in 300 words each

Answer the questions in 500 words each and respond to the attached posts in 300 words each

Question 1: The case surrounding the events in Estonia (2007) have significant implications for cyber issues. What were the challenges to attribution with the Estonia Case Study? Why is this important to the future of understanding cyber threat situations?

[ Armistead, Thomas and Leigh Armistead. “A New Frontier in War: Cyber Warfare in Estonia,” Contemporary Review 289, no. 1686 (2015), pp. 288-293. ]

Question 2: From a cyber security perspective, what would be the results of an effective security investment? How would it be measured? What role should the public play in risk management?

Part 2

Respond to each attached post in 300 words ( each )






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During this information age, there has been an intense increase in communication and interconnectivity worldwide all thanks to the internet. It is one form of globalization and evidently, it has yielded benefits like the improvement of living standards, however, it has also given people weapons of resistance for instance groups seeking to oppose political ideologies and measures. A good example of the negative effects of the internet is the cyber-attack that was launched on Estonia in April to May 2007. It said Russian activists carried out the cyber-attack and the components of the Estonia internet infrastructure was subjected to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), DNS server attacks, website defacements, and spamming. This affected mostly the banks, media outlets, and some government bodies.

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