Apple’s Marketing Strategy

The subject of your assignment this week will be the business your group selected in Week 3 (Apple Inc.) This week, each group member will select a different social media platform as the subject for an individual social media assignment (YouTube)

  • Individual Assignment: Based on the company your group selected in Week 3 (Apple Inc.), you will individually create the company’s social media strategy to convey to the public a new direction the company is taking. You will create a digital promotional piece that can be shared via social media platforms (share in YouTube). Make sure that your social media piece addresses the following:
    • Explanation and reasoning for the new direction
    • Company’s vision/mission/values
    • Call-for-action button (share, subscribe, donate, etc.)
    • Your digital promotional piece should be original in content without influence from current promotional pieces in the marketplace. Originality is one of the most important factors that determine virality. You may want to consider an interaction component (such as a contest, etc.) to your promotional piece. Do NOT include a piece of marketing already developed by that company. This must be original work. See assignment rubric for additional requirements.

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