Application Question

Application Question

Perform a chin-up (palms supinated) and determine which muscles are the prime movers, stabilizers, and synergists. Is there a difference with a pull-up (palms pronated)? If so, what are the differences? Do as many chin-ups as possible. Which muscles inhibit your ability to perform more repetitions? What does this say about the chin-up as an effective exercise for the latissimus dorsi? List as many variations of pull-ups and chin-ups as possible. Describe how what you have learned during this experience will help you in your future training.




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The human body is comprised of many muscles that must cooperate to take into consideration body movements. Though a significant number of the body’s muscles are small and work as per different muscles for appropriate movement, there are huge muscles, inside the body, that is essentially in charge of certain body movements. These significant muscles are viewed as prime movers since they are the essential muscles required in the enactment of a considerable lot of the major joints inside the body (Janda, Et al, 1996).

            Pullups fundamentally focus on the latissimi dorsi alluded to as lats. These lengthy and extensive muscles begin in the spines and vertebral segment and embed just below the humerus.

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