Question 1

Use the image in the following and write a COMBINED ANALYSIS for that artwork. The analysis should be 500 words and should include at least 3 different Modes of Analyses, in addition to a brief formal analysis. Please make clear to your reader which modes you are employing. Each mode should offer a thorough analysis of the artwork. Here are the combined analysis options- Formal Analysis • Stylistic Analysis • Gender Analysis • Psychological Analysis •Feminist Analysis • Contextual Analysis • Biographical Analysis • Iconographic Analysis • Marxist Analysis (Pick any 4 types of them to analyze the artwork)

The essay should begin with a brief description of the image (use formal analysis). This description does not need to be very detailed, but should provide a solid base on which you can mount your combined analysis.

The grade will be based on the breadth, depth, and insight of your analysis. A good combined analysis will explore the discourse, or conversation, about an artwork. I am not expecting you to create original scholarship on these artworks, but to show a grasp of the basic art history surrounding them. You should make your best effort to write a cohesive and organized essay. Everything should be in your OWN WORDS, and if you use any references please cite them!!

Image – Pablo Picasso, Girl with a Mandolin (Fanny Tellier), 1910

Question 2

Watch the following film and write a brief report about the movie. Answer the questions in the file that I attached. Each question should be a paragraph about 150 words with your own words.

Everything should be up there and please follow the each requirements when you working on the essay writing. Especially for the first question please use art related academic terms and concepts when analyzing artwork.





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Midnight in Paris

The genre of the film Midnight in Paris is a romantic comedy with humorous, lighthearted plotlines based on romantic concepts, for instance, true love that overcomes numerous obstacles. This is all about a family story with some episodes of love and it ends happily. The primary differentiating aspect of this plot is love whereby two well-matched and sympathetic lovers are reconciled (Paul and HistoryCaps).

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