art history midterm 6 questions

art history midterm 6 questions

Please answer all 6 question. Answers are based on the slideshow that i uploaded.


Write a 1 – 1 ½ double space, type written answer to EACH question.Each question is worth 10 points for a total of 60 points.

What are the distinguishing formal features of 12th and 13th century representational art?Was this art more symbolic than naturalistic?How so?Give the example of two works of art, which may be mosaics, paintings, or works on paper.
Who rediscovered naturalism in 14th century Italian Renaissance art?Why was this artist’s painting so innovative?Give the example of a work of art.
Compare the Raising of Lazarus by Giotto and Duccio. What are their styles?Do they convey different messages of this biblical story?How so?
Compare Roger van der Weyden’s Deposition with Pontormo’s Mannerist masterpiece, the Pieta.How are the styles different?Do they express different emotions?
Explain the stylistic innovations, interpretation, and significance of Masaccio’s Holy Trinity.
Compare Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper with Tintoretto’s.How are their styles and interpretations different?




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Art History
Question 1
The art that was developed during this period is referred to as Gothic art. Gothic architecture is divided into three: Early Gothic, High Gothic and International Gothic. Since this art was purely religious, it helped to flourish Christianity in the region. Its main form of representation was the architecture that was exemplified by the cathedrals of northern France. The two types of decorative styles used by the Gothic art were Rayonnant and Flamboyant Gothic Architecture. Furthermore, this art created a humanistic atmosphere through the new focus on line, that replaced the ancient planar forms.

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