Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies

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One option would be to publish a blog post at our class site in which you present on an issue that would be of interest to our class community by its connection to studies of Asian American Women. As the class objectives statement on the syllabus, and our various readings have shown, this is a broad multi-disciplinary label that gives you ample opportunities to share dialogue with the class.

It is up to you what to select for an extra credit post topic. Here is just a handful of ideas for designing a post:

– if you recently attended a campus event and learned ideas that relate to our studies

– discovered an arts, literature, or media project that influences notions of Asian American women

– wish to repost a news article and add your commentary on its significance to our studies

– etc.

Solution Preview

The Asian American Women face a multitude of troubling realities such as women’s health, mental health, and domestic violence. Despite the escalating nature of these needs, they are still unmet with most of them being…

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