Did you address at least three aspects of the issue you chose?

Topic: euthanasia argumentative paper

Style APA
Number of words 1493
Number of sources 5
Spacing Double
PowerPoint slides 0

Details: Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 15
Completed Week 5 Source Evaluation Worksheet (included annotated bibliography)
Minimum of 5 scholarly sources


This week, all the hard work you have done in researching your topic and issue will come to fruition in your argumentative paper. Once you feel you have got the final draft, try to put the paper aside, even for a few hours, and then read it again.

Did you address at least three aspects of the issue you chose?
Does each aspect have relevant and authoritative evidence in support of your point?
Have you included a view that is in opposition to your viewpoint, and have you answered that opposing view, pointing out its flaws in such a way as to refute it?
Edit your paper – look for wordiness, repetition, vagueness, ambiguities. Check the organization of the paper as a whole; make sure each paragraph maintains focus. After you are satisfied that the content of your paper is good, carefully proofread it and correct mechanical errors.


This week, you will complete your argumentative paper. Following the directions in the assigned textbook reading on how to write an argumentative essay on the issue, you chose in Week 1. Be sure your essay contains the following:

An opening paragraph that states a clear thesis that is focused, plausible, and arguable and that gives direction and purpose to the paper
A fair-minded, balanced, and objective development of the pros and cons of the issue in a well-organized sequence of ideas, free of mechanical errors
Credible, reliable, and authoritative evidence in support of the points made
A strong conclusion that summarizes your views, reminds the audience of the issue and its importance and shows in brief that you have successfully defended your thesis. sources may not be older than 5 years old.
Writing Requirements (APA format)

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Did you address at least three aspects of the issue you chose

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