Book (Heads of the Colored People:) Journal 9

Book (Heads of the Colored People:) Journal 9


  • You should write about “A Conversation about Bread”
    • Journals are 1-2 pages double spaced.(This one will probably be only 1 since it is such a short section to read)
    • Please make sure you put your name and journal number at the top of your journal entry.
  • What should be in your journal? A journal entry should contain 4 items about each piece of literature you read in the textbook:
  1. A brief synopsis of what the section was about [think characters, conflict, resolution]
  2. Any lines or phrases that have particular significance [think important themes, climactic moments]
  3. A short explanation of what you liked or found most valuable about the piece
  4. Any questions you have about the piece. [Then ask those questions in your group to ensure you understand the piece better

 journal  Heads of the Colored People book
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Journal 9

Question 1

The section discusses how a student known Junior would come to school with items that were predominantly associated with which people. Junior would always try out white folk’s stuff, something that was not very common among the colored students. This is an indication of racism and discrimination in the society based on the color of the people.

Question 2

A line or phrase that I found to have particular significance is where it is stated, there were things that black people just weren’t supposed to do (Thompson-Spires, 175).

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