Bracketing Assignment

Bracketing Assignment

It is important that a researcher’s initial preconceptions arising from personal experience with the ‘education in their lives’ and research material are surfaced [aka bracketed] prior to undertaking the project. These pre-conceptions (i.e. researcher’s pre-existing personal beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and opinions) should also be monitored throughout the research project as both a potential source of insight as well as potential obstacles to engagement with the participants. A common method of bracketing is writing memos throughout the research process. For this assignment, write a 2-page account acknowledging and foregrounding your preconceptions about your research question in relation to those who you intend to study.

Directions:First revisit your response to the image, especially look at the life experiences that you chose to talk about in your response. Second, think about your research question in light of your response to the image. Clearly identify and label a lens through which you are approaching this topic: Are you thinking about the purpose of education as a ‘parent’, ‘professional educator’, ‘graduate student,’ ‘spiritual person,’ ‘first-generation college graduate’, ‘Christian’, ‘bystander who does not really care about this topic’, etc. It is likely that have looked at education through different/multiple lenses throughout your life. Decide which of these personal roles/perspectives is most prominent at this point when you think about the purpose of education. Which of these lenses/perspectives/positions do you tend to take now when discussing educational issues or when you hear others discuss these issues (say, in presidential debates)?

Finally, in a memo (1-2 pages), state your research question, then discuss how you approach this question/topic clearly labeling ‘where you are coming from’ as a researcher. [Example: As I begin thinking about this question, my experiences as a school administrator (as a mother, as a student, as a person with disability, etc) come to mind. I believe that in order to be educated the person must……. . Thus, I think that the purpose of education is……. etc.] Make sure to support your statements with concrete/specific examples of experiences from your life as a …… (whichever lense you chose). [ E.g., I remember one time when I….. etc.] Memo must be written in the 1st person reflection/journal style. An example is attached.

my research


Education is considered an essential tool for each individual in life, the reason why it is structured in a way that a student develops through it. Each country has its own education structure, standard, and settings, meant to its students achieve their academic goals. To ensure that each student has access to education, some countries have gone an extra mile of adopting free education.

In a bid to improve it, there is a need to explore it from different perspectives. That is, to understand its purpose holistically, education should be explored from the student’s perspective, teachers’ perspective, parents’ perspective as well as the government’s perspective. How to each perceive it? Are the current standards and curriculum set helpful? By deducing information from each side, there is a high chance that education will be improved. In a nutshell, the academic institutions should implement easier and smarter ways of the students to learn and acquire skills.

Research Rationale

During the last five years, Saudi Arabian schools have begun using different learning approaches meant to equip students with knowledge. They have adopted practical or project-based learning styles which I would seem better than the theoretical approach used some time ago. Based on such change, I would definitely like to know their effectiveness in equipping students with knowledge. Because teachers are the major stakeholders in ensuring success in education, understanding their perspective in such methods would absolutely dictate whether such approaches will deliver appropriate results. Being the ones who are delivering, they can either make the change successful or even break it. In addition, they have the best capacity to understand whether the students are acquiring knowledge and apart from that, they are appreciation the mode of learning. As such, I tend to include them as my participants and whose perspective I consider.

Research Objective

My key objective in this study is to learn, gather and explore the experience and perception of elementary school teachers towards project-based or practical learning method. How teachers perceive it determines its success in helping students optimize in knowledge acquisition. As such, I want to deduce the purpose of project-based or practical learning approach from the teachers’ perspective. In addition, what is their opinion on that approach in ensuring the success of students in the learning field?

In a wider way, the strategy will equip the teachers with enough ways to facilitate learning in classrooms. Diverse learning techniques usually eliminate the boredom experienced by both teachers and students in their learning experience. By students actively participating in the process, they become involved and at the same time motivating. In the process, they learn and understand more, something which could not have occurred if they were to use the normal method of teaching and listening. Tasci (2015, p.771) asserts that the Project Based Learning approach has become the most preferred approach because it is student-centred and an active way of learning. Experience is developed when the student interacts with objects and diverse concepts. Moreover, the central idea is manifested in different ways in which it is interpreted in different cases. Active roles such as discussions and sharing opinions are incorporated as opposed to the formal idea of listening and reading. The general idea is that this learning method places the student at the centre of the studies alongside exposing them to real-life situations through real-life challenges. The outside life is brought in the classroom which makes the entire process interesting.

The Sub-Question

What is the purpose of education from the perspective of elementary school teachers and how the use of project-based learning will help improve learning in Saudi Arabia?

Research Sample

In the research sample, I entail teachers as my participants.

Participants: The participants will be elementary school teachers in Saudi Arabia. To be eligible, the participants must meet the following requirements;

  • Are elementary school teachers
  • Come from Saudi Arabia
  • Understand and have used the project-based approach in the learning environment

I have chosen teachers because they are critical in assessing the project-based learning. They utilize it on a daily basis and by assessing their students, they can learn whether the students understand or not. Furthermore, they depict where the students find it appropriate and interesting by the way they approach it. This makes it suitable to have teachers as wonderful and important participants.

Methodology: interviewing

Before interviewing, I will inform the participant about the importance of his/her contribution which can be used to shape the learning experience in the entire country. I will make some interviews with teachers who have passed the eligibility requirements. The interview will entail the learning experience and how they view project-based learning as a mode of helping students acquire knowledge. They will also rate the experience based on their experience so far.Afterward, they can suggest where can be improved in the curriculum to make the learning better.



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Solution Preview

The Importance of Education.

Sub Research Question: What is the Saudi teachers’ perspective on the relevance of elementary education?

Firstly, my position as a teacher predisposes my research and findings to bias. Personally, I believe that the education of Saudi children remains an essential aspect of both personal and communal development.

I remember my first day in school. My mother drove to my kindergarten and left me with some strangers. I recall interacting with my teachers and fellow students. The strangeness and weirdness of the occasion remind me every day of the importance of education. The teaching staff was not only understanding but also compassionate to us.

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