business homework

business homework

Post one example of a decision bias/error or one common shortcut (other than stereotyping) in judging others that you have used at work (or that a family member or someone you work with has used).
Post one example of how you (or someone you know) has made a judgment about others at work or outside of work. Include in this post how attribution theory (which could include aspects of the theory or fundamental attribution error) could be applied to how they made their judgment.



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When conflicts arise at your place of work or in a family, it is often difficult to resolve the difference because either of the parties might refuse to listen to the other. In the midst of a battle, people tend to try and find some additional critics to reinforce whatever opinion they have or their desired outcomes. At this point, they rarely listen or understand their challenger’s views. There are a lot of errors or biases associated with conflict resolution, and one of them is selective perception.

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