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Can you help?

This assignment will require you to apply course content to an assigned case study. You will conduct an ethical analysis with a framework discussed in this course that utilizes ‘prudential deliberation’ and ‘moral judgement’. Components of the framework include:

1. The Story
2. Situational Awareness (facts of the case, good/bad features of the story)
3. Prudential Reasoning (moral agents’ perspective)
4. Court Decision (if appropriate)
5. Ethical Reflection

After carefully reading the assigned Module 7 readings and listening to the online lecture, please select one of the two choices of case studies available. Both cases were developed by a colleague in the field. This experience will aide you in the upcoming Team Case Study Analysis assignment. Although both case studies include additional questions, you do not have to answer them directly. The questions are there only to support and guide your ethical analysis.

These are the link to the lecture:







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In this particular essay, I will consider the case brief of the heart transplant to try and review the moral decisions that physicians, proxies and the patients are faced with when it comes to the making of choices on the fate of a patient. The intention is to come up with a moral judgment which may not always agree with all the parties present.

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