Career exploration and planning

Career exploration and planning

Career exploration and planning is a continuing theme in our curriculum. Please select the best starting point for this assignment, complete appropriate activities, and prepare a one page essay, single-spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs.

  1. What is your experience with the UMUC Career Services?

    Career Services Pursue new career opportunities or learn how to level-up at your current job with the help from Career Services.
  2. Explore the web site as your initial visit or to prepare for this assignment as an update
  3. Explain how our course, ACCT 350 Federal Financial Management, relates to your academic and career goals, including certifications such as the CPA exam, CIA, CGFM (AGA), CGAP (IIA) certifications, and / or graduate programs or Law School.

Completion of this essay illustrates your goals as they relate to our class, in the framework of career exploration and planning.

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The modern day job market is extremely competitive, thanks to globalization. Today, American job seekers have to compete with individuals from other nations besides fellow American citizens. For this reason, it is imperative that American…

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