Child Development

Child Development

Watch the video clip below (they can be watched with closed captioning if desired). As you watch, you will create a running record. You will write down your observations of everything you see the child doing. You will do it in bullet form, not worrying about organizing the information. Just get down as many observations as you can.

REMEMBER – observations are non-judgmental. For example, instead of saying “the child seemed happy,” you need to write down what you observed the child doing that made you think the child was happy: “the child was laughing,” “the child was smiling,” “the child said, ‘I’m happy.’” If you are using a “feeling” word to describe the observation it is probably judgmental (egs. Happy, sad, angry, tired, etc.). Once you have this running record complete, you will do Part 2, which is the form that will be turned in.

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