Research the common elements of Cinderella, then evaluate and analyze the film Pretty Woman as a contemporary media production that incorporates fairy tale characteristics


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Cite the Following Sources:


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The Film Pretty Woman, 1990

The Film is called Pretty woman, acted back in 1990. The film is about a gentleman finding his way back to a party where his friends are. When finding someone to ask direction, he meets with a prostitute who offers to personally show her his destination after he offers her a twenty dollar bill. From this event, the two get into a friendly relationship which later leads the gentleman to challenge the lady to lead another life. Similarly, it flows the same happens to the man, he has his own issues which the lady helps him resolve. In the film, society is shown to have differences in relating with people they consider low life like the prostitute and definitely worships those who they deem to have power. They are represented to judge the book by the cover; they despise the fact that there is a lot of good in despised people. But Vivian the lady teaches Edward how to live a life considerate of people. Stumbling blocks due to their social class are visible. But the ultimate visible goal of being together after finding love, just like the blocks Cinderella received in her life before marrying the prince, stand no chance as the couple have a beautiful end. Every film revolves around three elements: Characters, Desire and Conflict. The following seeks to see how Edward and Vivian meet fall in love and face difficult conflicts of their background and society perceptions, as they try to form their world together.

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