Civic Engagement Activity

This assignment should be completed after you have participated in a community-based
activity for which you received prior approval from the instructor.
***Instructor has not given us any approval list. Please refer to a community-based
activity for my area. FLORIDA…Can be something to do with Hurricane Ian that just
devastated Ft. Myers area (3 hours south of us) but also affected our whole state.
The purpose of this assignment is to:
 sharpen your ability to recognize the link between theory and real-life
application of what you have learned in this class
 heighten your awareness of your own personal views, biases, reactions, and
thought processes that can be invoked when working with different
 get you thinking about the possibility of personal growth involved with working
to better the community.
In your 2-3-page essay, you must address the following three points:

  1. Personal Reflections Before, During and After the Activity (4 points)
    a. Begin by reflecting on and sharing some personal views, biases or
    expectations you had about the families you expected to meet at the
    event. How do you think your experience (or lack of) in interacting with
    families from different cultural, racial or income groups has influenced
    b. Describe a moment during the activity that triggered a surprising
    personal reaction for you, and how it related to your views or
    c. Finally, in considering your experience in hindsight, suggest how you
    could share your insights in the future with others who would be new
      Establishing a Link (3 points)

d. Outline what you saw as links between course material and its real-life
e. Provide 3 examples of concepts from lectures and/or readings and 2
specific examples from the real-life civic engagement activity and share
why you consider these connections to be important.

  1. Contributions Made (3 points)
    f. Reflect upon how the event contributed to the participants and their
    community. Outline least 2 ways in which the effort stood to impact the
    community, and at least 2 ways of how the experience affected your
    learning and future work.
    g. What did you experience/learn that you would want to include in your
    future community efforts?

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