client and professional

client and professional


Human Services work is very rewarding for both the client and professional. In order to ensure effectiveness, it is crucial that the professional set the tone of a helping relationship from the beginning. This includes setting the relationship intentions and maintaining healthy boundaries.

For this written assignment, consider how you will build a helping relationship with a client. In a 2 page paper, discuss how to create a positive, healthy helping relationship with a client, giving examples to reinforce your ideas. Points of discussion should include:

  • Distinguish between a friendship and a helping relationship
  • Apply characteristics of a helping relationship
  • Identify personalization within the relationship
  • Strategy for maintaining and/or ending the helping relationship

When considering these points, discuss your strengths and weaknesses and ways you might improve your helping skills. Explain what area of the helping relationship you feel is most helpful for the client and specific ways you plan to emphasize the area.

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A client is the most important individual when it comes to the progress and success of a business.  The kind of relationship that an individual maintains with his or her clients determine all other operations that a business conducts. As an entrepreneur, one should focus on making their clients comfortable and always interested in keeping contact with the business regardless of any challenges. Sometimes it might be difficult to provide any help to clients which calls for appropriate skills to achieve the best results ever.

I like to establish both a friendship and helping relationship with my clients to ensure that all decisions are open and straightforward.

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