Cognitive Maltreatment and Neural Development

Cognitive Maltreatment and Neural Development

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Chapter 5 of the course textbook discusses the brain development of the child in early life as well as the impact of accidents and maltreatment. The required article by Perry (2009) illustrates and defends an approach to child maltreatment based on neurodevelopmental analysis that seeks to understand and treat abuse victims with reference to the areas of the brain affected.

Based on these readings, account for or respond to each of the following in your initial post:

Analyze the findings of the Perry study, addressing the strengths and shortcomings of the neurodevelopmental approach. Are there limits to this sort of approach, and if so, what alternative approach might add something to a neurobiological analysis?
Offer a real life experience, alternative study, or recent news report that in some way illustrates or casts light upon Perry’s findings.

Perry, B. D. (2009). Examining child maltreatment through a neurodevelopmental lens: Clinical applications of the neurosequential mode of therapeutics. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 14(4), 240-255. doi: 10.1080/15325020903004350 (PsychINFO: 2009-10040-002). Full text article available at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.




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Cognitive Maltreatment and Neural Development
Analyzing Perry’s Study
The process of child development is complex, and it involves a combination of both macro and microdomains. However, all of the physical and mental activities connect to the nervous system which consists of the spinal cord, the central nervous system, the brain and the peripheral nervous system. According to Perry (2009), the child’s brain is sensitive and is likely to be changed by experiences compared to the brain of an adult. The brain’s sensitivity in the brain of a child enables them to respond positively to experience where it rapidly organizes according to the demands of the prevailing environment. 

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