Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

You have recently taken a new position as a training manager. Your workplace is experiencing rapid growth and expansion. As the number of new employees increases, company leaders have recognized the need for a formalized new employee training program. They have asked you to participate in developing this new training program for the organization. They are relying on you to develop a training program that is based on solid research about cognitive processes and the ways individuals learn, as well as to identify key adult learning concepts that should be applied to the program. They want you to make recommendations for this new program that will help ultimately help them become a more successful learning organization. Your research and recommendations on key cognition and learning concepts must be provided to the company leadership in a formal paper for their review.

What you have learned throughout the course will help you make recommendations for a program that utilizes effective adult learning principles and helps create a successful learning organization.

Please include the following sections:

  • Include an introduction that addresses how cognitive psychology can be applied to the new employee training program.
  • Discuss key cognitive psychology concepts as they apply to individuals, the workplace, adult learning, and creating successful learning organizations.
  • What are some of the important items you would want to consider regarding concepts such as perception, attention, and memory when developing a training program?
  • How would you develop your training program to ensure it supports adult learning?
    • What are some of the items you would want to keep in mind regarding language and comprehension when designing a training program?
    • What are some helpful strategies for judging an individual’s learning, knowledge acquisition, and comprehension?
    • Provide both personal examples and research citations to support your answer.
  • Conclusion: Make recommendations for adult learning and successful learning in an organization.

Include a minimum of 4 scholarly references in APA format.

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Cognitive psychology entails the study of mental processes including language use, attention, perception, memory, creativity, problem-solving and thinking. Notably, cognitive psychology studies human cognition through the…

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