Communication 1/2

Communication 1/2

In class, we discussed how the IDEAS model can be applied to solve real-world problems. For this activity, you will apply each step of the IDEAS model to plan out how to solve a common problem that college students face. Refer to class notes from Unit 3 to help you complete this activity.

Visit and read the summary of 10 problems that college students commonly face.

Identify and define each step of the IDEAS model in your own words
Choose a problem that you are currently facing that fits with one of the 10 problems addressed in the article and describe it in 2-3 sentences.
Discuss what action(s) you would take for each step of the IDEAS model in order to solve this problem.

The IDEAS models could be found in this link:…




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College life provides fond memories and exciting experiences to most of the people. However, life is faced with a number of challenges including time management, debts and spreading oneself too thin. Additionally, homesickness, depression, social problems as well as partying and maintaining healthy relationship present significant challenges to the college students. This paper will focus on the identification and definition of each step of the IDEAS model.

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