company analysis research

company analysis research

Company: EBAY

Assignment Overview – Write A Situation Analysis For Your Paper 3 single spaced (MLA citation)

Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins

Before you can investigate or identify problems in a company, you must have a solid understanding of that company.Do they have a long-term strategic plan?What is that plan?Do they have mission or vision statements, and if so, what are they?How strong are their financials?Current and historically.What is the competitive environment?Are there any ongoing legal issues?Does it operate in a regulated environment?Who are their critical stakeholders?Is a positive public perception important to the company?Does your company have a positive or negative public perception?

Use databases (e.g., IBISWorld and Business Insights: Essentials) and company filings (e.g., 10K) to provide an overview and synthesis of your company’s current situation.Organize this analysis into three sections: 1) Internal Performance, 2) Industry Perspective, and 3) Environmental Factors

Internal performance – This should start with the company’s strategy, mission, vision, values and stakeholders. Performance indicators include company financials (i.e., revenue and profit), debt levels, historical stock performance (if public), innovation (patents), and legal issues.Multiple time points are better than one.
Industry perspective – What is the outlook for the industry in which your company operates and how is your company performing when compared to its competitors?IbisWorld is a great source of data for this section.Identify and gather data for their top three competitors, at the least. This might be a good place for a SWOT analysis.
Environmental Factors – Identify the important external factors that are influencing your company’s performance.Are there new regulations, or do you see significant changes in the future?Identify technological trends that may impact the company?Are there social and civic groups critical of your firm’s practices?
This analysis should be three pages in length. This is not just a regurgitation of your research, it’s a synthesis and summary of all that you’ve found.Every sentence should deliver some kind of information.There is no room for fluff.In addition, include a page of sources cited (at least 5).If you do a great job on this, it will provide the basis for the first section of your final paper.




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eBay Analysis
eBay, an American based e -c commerce shopping platform is located in San Jose, California. It is well known to provide business – customer or customer – customer barter services through the use of its extensive website. The company was found in the year 1995 and has from then become a success story, especially in the dot – com era. The company scope can be measured in billions with major operations taking place in more than 30 nations worldwide. 

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