Compare and Contrast Theories of Relationships

Compare and contrast two theories or modalities tied to mindfulness and the relationship to wellness across the lifespan.  In a minimum of two double-spaced pages:
Identify the two theories/modalities and what makes them unique to lifespan wellness.
Articulate how these unique approaches could impact your own personal wellness plan.
Identify whether or not these would be something you could integrate into your own life and how you would do it.
(Example:  As these both relate to wellness across the lifespan, compare and contrast the benefit of animal therapy to teenagers and the impact of a positive living environment for a teenager.  If you had teenagers living with you, would you and how would you integrate either for the benefit of these teenagers and for what benefit)
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There are several theories that can be used to explain people’s relationships. Some of these models include the Equity and Social Exchange theories. The Equity theory is based on the notion that people are usually by equality and fairness…
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