Compare work-life policies of 2 employers

Compare work-life policies of 2 employers

Write a 5-7 page paper comparing the work-life policies of two employers. To begin, select two organizations in a single niche of the economy, such as two technology companies, two retail chains, two transportation organizations, etc. You may select companies for any reasons you wish. For example: you may have an interest in working for one of them, you may personally know an employee of one or both, or you may simply be curious about them.

In writing the paper, research the work-life policies of both employers. I recommend first looking at the human resources area of each organization’s Web site. After that, there are many possible sources of information. Business media often cover the work-life policies of large corporations., a Web site that allows workers to anonymously “review” their employers, contains helpful insights about many organizations. You can also interview family or friends who work in these organizations. Please note that relying on assigned readings only is insufficient, even if one or both of the employers are in our readings. (A company may be listed as one of Working Mother’s Top 100, but you must provide more information beyond what is in the blurb.)

In your research, find as much information as you can about work-life policies and benefits. This can include flexible scheduling and off-site work, family leave and vacation policies, child care assistance, part-time options, and so on. To the extent it is available, look not only for what policies are available, but also coverage and utilization. Do not expect to find the same amount of detail about both organizations; more information is available about some than others. In your paper, compare and contrast the two organizations’ policies. In addition to describing what each employer offers, address two specific questions.

  1. What is the business case for these organizations to offer work-life policies, or to not do so? Answer this question with specific reference to the type of business these organizations are in and the types of jobs they offer.
  2. Based on the policies that each organization publicizes, do their benefits favor women? Parents? Or are they neutral with respect to gender and to parental status?
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