Competitiveness and Designing Pay Structures

Competitiveness and Designing Pay Structures

Briefly answer the following questions.

With whom does your organization compete in terms of compensation and benefits?
What is your company’s competitive pay strategy? Do they attempt to pay more, the same or less than the competitive average in your area and why?
What is your company’s policy regarding communications of salary grades and ranges? Why do they do what they do?
Explain the difference between salary ranges and salary bands. Which does your employer use and why?
What is a competitive pay line (or market line) and how is it used?

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Question 1
The armed force I accept contends with the non-military personnel occupations and their remunerations. In any part of the administration, we as a whole get paid when and rank, we are, it doesn’t make a difference. The primary way we go up against other branches as an Army Recruiter is the ensured activity decision, school cash advantages, and selection rewards.

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