Complete 3-5 PAGE Criminal Law Case Management Assignment

Complete 3-5 PAGE Criminal Law Case Management Assignment

You are a correctional case manager working in a minimum security state facility for male offenders. You oversee a caseload of 100 offenders. This week, you have 8 annual assessments and 10 security assessments due. The institutional hearings officer needs you to serve as the witness in 3 institutional hearings by Friday and has asked you when you can fit them in. Transportation runs on Friday, and you are expecting 10 incoming offenders and 4 to transfer out. The warden has asked you to handle the intake for the incoming offenders, which should take about 2 hours, depending on when the transportation bus arrives. You also need to prepare the institutional records for the 4 outgoing offenders.

You need to find 2 new offenders that will qualify to work on road crew. This involves reviewing presentence investigations, security assessments, treatment assessments, and interviewing the potential workers. The road crew supervisor says he has some big projects coming up and needs the new workers immediately.

You also need to get rooms set up for the 12-step meetings for the alcoholics on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, which involves setting up chairs and getting the coffee ready for brewing. A local church group is visiting on Thursday at 2 pm and will need a staff escort while inside the facility. A local high school will be touring the facility on Friday morning. They will also need a staff escort while touring the facility. You also need to choose a few offenders that can speak to the students prior to their tour.

You have a treatment team meeting every Friday from 2–4 to discuss case management issues with other treatment and security staff. The dog team, which you lead, holds weekly meetings on Mondays, and the warden requires that you spend at least 1 hour on the dorm each day.

Develop your weekly action plan to address all of your tasks and meetings. Make sure to address the following in 3–5 pages:

Keep in mind that urgent issues, whether important or not important, will occur throughout the day.
Discuss how you would plan your week to ensure that you get all of your important tasks accomplished.
Are there areas you could ask for assistance with? If so, who would you ask?
Are there tasks or meetings that you could choose not to attend?
Which tasks are the most important, and which may be able to wait until you have more time for them?




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The weekly action plan developed contains duties that are handled in every day of the week and planned according to priority and schedule. Goals targeted for the week are to conduct an effective management plan to ensure all relevant tasks are handled efficiently. The day’s objectives include reducing the workload on security assessments, conforming to the needs of the institutional hearing officer, overseeing an effective dog team meeting and conducting the daily rotation.

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