Conducting a Community Risk Analysis

Conducting a Community Risk Analysis

Conduct a risk assessment on a community of your choice, with specific focus on a specific facility or system within that community that you determine is part of the broader community’s critical infrastructure (e.g., hospital, water system, power system). You should select the community (town, city, county, region, state, or nation) considering the availability of information that exists or your access to information (e.g., your ability to interview community leaders).

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 2-3 pages:
Describe (briefly) the community and why you selected it (e.g., demographics, topography/geography, climate, criticality of CI, political issues).
Outline the risk portfolio of the selected community (e.g., flood zones; high-value terror target).
How did you compile that list?
What other risk portfolio and assessments for the community exist (e.g., local hazard mitigation plan, DHS assessments)? Explain.
Describe the critical facility or system that you selected, and describe why it is critical to the selected community.
What are the possible/probable outcomes of the risks that you identified as occurring as they relate to the whole community and, in greater detail, to the specific infrastructure you selected? Explain in detail.
What are the possible/probable cascading effects at the local, regional, national, or international level should one of the risks occur and affect the critical facility/infrastructure you selected? Explain in detail.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style




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TO: Citizens of Chicago Community
Re: Communication and education about Chicago’s risk portfolio
This memo provides a brief description of the risk portfolio of the people living and visiting Chicago.
Risk portfolio strategy
There are many risks that Chicago area faces ranging from natural ones to the ones caused by human failure or human-made. During the rainy season, there are frequent floods especially in the in the southwest suburbs (Esseks et al., 1999).

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