Create a collection of artworks in the museum and explain the theme of the collection

Create a collection of artworks in the museum and explain the theme of the collection

select three different objects from three different

culture areas and construct a theme for your exhibition. One should be European, one should

be non-European, and one should be an object from our everyday, contemporary world.Your

theme should be explained in 2-3 pages while discussing the context for each work. Plus, I

would like you to title your “exhibition,” as well as include captions for each work that includes

title, culture, medium, and date.

Hi. The assignment is to create a collection of one’s own and three of the objects should have a theme in common. For example, one could select The Judgement of Hunefer Before Osiris, The Kunz Axe, and a Spiderman costume to create an exhibition within the context of representations of anthro-zoomorphism. In each instance, human-animal symbolism, respectively refers to gods, shamanic transformation, and popular culture mythology. Also, the essay should also write about the theme and how these three objects related to the theme.

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The theme of violence is evident in the Greek piece of art where the half horse half man creature is engaged in a fight with a human who is well built. The image represents the battle between Centaurs and Lapiths. Centaurs is a godlike creature with supernatural powers and abilities which are beyond men however he goes ahead and challenges Lapiths who is a warrior, the fight is obviously not fair as the creature far outpowers the human however this does not stop it from fighting with the warrior who somehow wins at last (Pollitt, 1978).

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