Critical Infrastructure Security: Research design

Critical Infrastructure Security: Research design

Submit your Research Design
* Review your articles/sources and continue writing your 25 -page literature review due week eight
Research Design is due at the end of Week 7: describe how you will test the hypothesis and carry out your analysis. This section describes the data to be used to test the hypothesis, how the student will operationalize and collect data on his/her variables, and the analytic methods that to be used, noting potential biases and limitations to the research approach. It should include:
* Identification and operationalization (measurement) of variables.
* A sampling plan (i.e., study population and sampling procedures, if appropriate).
* Justification of case studies used.
* Data collection/sources (secondary literature, archives, interviews, surveys, etc.).
* a summary of analysis procedures (pattern-matching, etc.); and
* Limitations of study and bias discussion.
Submission Instructions: 
Please review the rubric and Capstone Manual for more specific guidelines on expectations; however, please note you are to provide comprehensive analysis of details, facts, and concepts in a logical sequence. You should demonstrate a higher- level of critical thinking necessary for 500-600 level work. You are to provide well-supported ideas and reflection with a variety of current and/or world views in the assignment. You are expected to present a genuine intellectual development of ideas throughout assignment. You should thoroughly understand and excel in explaining all major points. An original, unique, and/or imaginative approach to overall ideas, concepts, and findings is required. Overall format of assignment needs to include an appropriate introduction (or abstract), well- developed paragraphs, and conclusion. Finished assignment demonstrates your ability to plan and organize research in a logical sequence.
Please note: Papers will be automatically added to and checked against the standard Turn-It-In repositories. Originality reports will be returned to the faculty and student in roughly 15 minutes of the submission. Multiple submissions are allowed. If your Turn-It-In Index is greater than 25%, you will lose significant points (up to receiving a zero).Supporting Materials:
* Graduate Grading Rubric.pdf
* Capstone Manual
* Instructions+Accessing+the+APUS+Online+Library.docx
Research Design Rubric – Grading Rubric
Major Areas to Review Points Available

Hypothesis/Research Questions:
These are your research questions (what you plan to measure/examine). This section may also be in paragraph form. Research questions must be individual questions that each measures only one item (one question = one measurement). A couple of questions are expected in this section (typically 2 to 5). You MUST put these questions in traditional null hypotheses format.
If you are conducting a qualitative study, you may use your research questions.
For example: There is no statistical significant difference between someone who grows up in a poor neighborhood and someone from a middle or upper class neighborhood likely involvement in crime (quantitative design would use this example).For example: If someone grows up in a poor neighborhood, they will be more likely to be involved with crime than someone in a middle or upper class neighborhood. 20
The Research Design Section:
•Identification and operationalization (measurement) of variables.•A sampling plan (i.e., study population and sampling procedures, if appropriate).•Justification of case studies used.•Data collection/sources (secondary literature, archives, interviews, surveys, etc.).•a summary of analysis procedures (pattern-matching, etc.); and•Limitations of study and bias discussion.
In short, your research design should be the “step by step” directions that would enable a researcher to carry out and execute your research should you be unable to conduct the study yourself. (Think of this as directions from how to get to point A to point B. This detail is necessary as it demonstrates that you understand how to best do your research for your topic.)
• Research Design Lecture by Lisa Campbell (Youtube)
• A Brief Comparison of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (Youtube)
• Types of Research Design: Education Portal Academy (Youtube) 40
Turnitin will be used to assess originality report and supports attachments only—submit the paper as an attachment with less than 15% originality.
• Searching for Literature Reviews: Before You Write, You Have to Find (Youtube)
• Reviewing a Sample Literature Review (Part I) (Youtube) 10
• Incorporated all this sections references into one comprehensive list and should be in APA 6th Edition format.
• Also if you had a reference in your reference section, you must have a citation from that work somewhere in the body of your work. The citations and references must match up.
• You will be strictly held to the APA standards. Proper citations, in format and use as well as proper references must be implemented.
• Provided scholarly articles to support selected topic in the reference area. 10
Writing Format: APA
• What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It:
• Writing Help:
• Purdue Online Writing Lab
• Writing Commons:
• APA and MLA Citation Game Home Page: 10
Grammatical, spelling or punctuation—the writing is grammatically correct, clear and concise.  The response is well formulated and easy to read and understand.  Correct terminology was used when needed. 10
Total 100

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