Critical Infrastructure Security (Topic/Thesis Proposal and Draft Outline)

Critical Infrastructure Security (Topic/Thesis Proposal and Draft Outline)

submit a 6-page Topic/Thesis Proposal and Draft Outline. The instructor will Approve, Reject or Conditionally Approve pending further information. This exercise will be worth 10% and is necessary for the student to continue onto the paper development phase of the course.

Attached is a thesis paper completed by a former student to assist you in completing your paper. Sample Completed Thesis Paper.pdfYou may use the paper to better understand the format and processes involved in completing various components of your paper.Submission Instructions: Submit your completed paper in Word.docx format.

Major Areas to Review:
* Name of Selected Topic
 Sources to Consider:
* Purdue Online Writing Lab 
* Searching for Literature Reviews: Before You Write, You Have to Find
* Clearly define the Thesis Statement
Source to Consider:
* Thesis Generator
Included background information related to current research and literature review. Provide the intended reason for research (this is not a literature review–just a brief overview).

* Provide a Table of Contents as outlined in Appendix 9: Sample of a Table of Contents of the Capstone Manual and further guided in the Lessons area for Week Two.

Provide at least ten scholarly articles to support the selected topic in the reference area.
Sources to Consider:
* What is a Scholarly Article.pdf
* APA Sixth Edition. pptx

* Grammatical, spelling, or punctuation—the writing is grammatically correct, clear, and concise. The response is well-formulated and easy to read and understand. Correct terminology was used when needed.

Writing Format:
– Use APA style, 6th edition
– Provide in-text citation
– 6 pages( Title and reference pages are not counted towards the requested page numbers).

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APA Format,2345 words

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