Cultural competence

Cultural competence

Your supervisor, Greg, was so pleased with your handout that he would now like you to prepare a workshop on cultural competence to help SoHW employees think more deeply about their own cultures. He has asked you to create a one-page presentation outline for what you would say during this workshop. Use material from your handout to create a presentation outline that explains:

  • cultural competence and its importance.
  • cross cultural relationships.
  • why it helps to reflect on one’s own experiences.
  • what questions help someone learn about the cultures of others.
  • the effects of biases and how to remain aware of them.
  • how these considerations and this knowledge will help the upcoming partnership run smoothly.

Refer to the Project resources for tips on creating an effective presentation outline. Do notshare any personal or sensitive information in the outline that is not legally acceptable for your boss to request.

Include citations as needed.

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Cultural competence includes the ability of a workplace environment to embrace workplace diversity, enough to engage different employees in the productivity process irrespective of their cultural…

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