Current research in Social Psychology

Current research in Social Psychology

Current research in Social Psychology
For the past 5 weeks we have covered a variety of topics that are central to understanding social psychology. To gain a better understanding of these topics in social psychology it is important to review current research.

For this assignment you will first provide a detailed description for each of the following topics.

Self-serving bias
Cultural diversity
Gender (in terms of social psychology)
Choose 3 topics from the list above and find a scholarly journal article for each.
Find current (not more than 5 years old) scholarly research articles from the South University Library databases only.
Remember the articles must be related to psychology.
Provide an in-depth analysis for each article, integrating information from your course and text readings.



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Current research in Social Psychology


This research aimed to add on the past datarelated to the connection amongstaggression and self‐esteem by evaluating the arbitrating purpose of emotion dysregulation amongst the community participants and the perpetrators. The study utilized a sample of 153 imprisoned aggressive perpetrators, and a sample of 197 from the community took part in self-report

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