Cyber Security

Cyber Security

What is a social engineering attack? What is a phishing attack? How do you avoid being a victim?
How do you know if your identity has been stolen and how do you avoid being a victim?
Why can email attachments be dangerous? How can you protect yourself and others?
What do firewalls do and what type of firewall is best?



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Social engineering attacks refer to a wide range of malicious activities that use psychological manipulation to get users to give away sensitive information through human interaction. They aim to find weaknesses in security protocols by gathering necessary and usually confidential background information on the user. Some social engineering attack methods include baiting, scareware, pretexting and phishing (Granger, 2001).
A phishing attack involves creating a false sense of urgency, fear or curiosity in a victim. The victim is tricked into revealing sensitive information through clicking on links to malicious websites or opening attachments containing malware.

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