data loss prevention

news. The executive team of your media company has recognized the importance of
cybersecurity and has promoted everyone in your group into the role of a chief information
security officer, or CISO, for your respective subsidiary.
The company’s executive leadership team has tasked your team to plan the future of mass
and data loss prevention technology for the company. You and your teammates will
compile a technology strategy plan for incorporating IPv6, internet of things (IoT), and data loss
prevention techniques—specifically blockchain, tokenization, data masking, data obfuscation,
and other similar emerging technologies.
You will present this future technology road map and vision to the executive leadership. Your
team will have about five members. In addition to the future technology road map and vision,
your team will prepare a future view of the data flow of your enterprise network.
Your team discussions should be guided by your learning achieved through the other projects in
this course. Your team will compile all the information into one cohesive report—the strategic
technology plan for data loss prevention—to be presented to the executive team. Your team will
also prepare an executive presentation explaining the highlights of your team’s plan.

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