Discuss on migrating information to the cloud

Discuss on migrating information to the cloud

What do you believe to be the most compelling reason to migrate information to the cloud? What is your biggest security concern about doing so?

please write the response in 350-400 words. The topics to be over viewed are

– Cloud computing has become an essential part of all business models

– There is financial value in employing cloud-computing solutions for a variety of applications and situations.

– Who is responsible for security, compliance and governance?

– What effect does cloud computing on businesses?

– How companies will determine how to create policies in cloud computing




Solution Preview

Most organizations use cloud computing as way of securing their products. Cloud computing has different benefits despite the fact that it has challenges as well especially on the adoption stage. In order for companies to consider migrating to cloud for the first time, ranging from the risks involved, the advantages and the type which is suitable for the business. Every business is focusing on migrating to cloud. This is because its suitable for any business which has plans of expanding and opening other branches in remote areas. Cloud computing makes it easier for business which operate from remote areas since the employees can access the necessary information easily. Therefore, moving to cloud can solve various challenges that the business is facing (Jamshidi et al.).

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