Discuss on Regulatory Compliance

Discuss on Regulatory Compliance

Describe in 500 words or more what a dba must be aware of to maintain good regulatory compliance when moving to the cloud.

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Failover is the process of maintaining uptime for your database. It can be automatic or manually triggered. The enterprise must calculate how much downtime it can tolerate and plan to have less than that. This is sometimes called high availability. The enterprise must also plan for how to handle the loss of a database server. How does it recover? How quickly? What are the sources of failure? How much complexity can your enterprise manage? Will you rely on backup, mirroring, or clustering? Will you use an internal database solution or a third party application?

NIST 800-144

AWS #214




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Regulatory Compliance
When a company is moving its information resources to the cloud, maintaining great regulatory compliance is critical. Regulatory compliance refers to the adherence of various laws and guidelines that are in place for different business processes (Katzer, 2019). The organization include the chief information officer are supposed to be aware of the critical nature and importance of such compliance.

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