Discussion #3

Details: Discuss the following. Use a paragraph for each #.

1. a. What is your predominant conflict resolution strategy? (Include your score for each conflict resolution style here also.)

b. Would you say your conflict resolution style has changed as you got older? How so?

c. Have contextual factors (pandemic, stress, discrimination, racism, culture, finals week, stressors, etc.) influenced your conflict resolution style?

2. a. On the following scale, how would you rate your success in resolving/managing conflict overall using the current conflict resolution style most of the time?

1 – not successful

2 – a little successful

3 – successful

4 – very successful

b. Explain how effective has your current conflict resolution style been in resolving conflict? How so? Did it facilitate better conflict resolution skills?

3. Do you think your conflict strategies are situational? (Do you employ different strategies in different situations, or are they stable across situations?)
4. What is one thing you would like to change or reinforce pertaining to your strategy?
5. Was there any instance in your life when conflict actually brought you closer to the other person? What do you think contributed to that outcome?
Share only what you feel comfortable sharing. smile


Discuss at least 5 considerations that couples, or individuals make before deciding on parenthood. State if these considerations are important, and why.

Discussions must be 625 words minimum in length (minus copied questions, direct quote), contain specific details and demonstrate an understanding of the readings and activities through application of theories, concepts and terms.

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