Discussion 4

Discussion 4

In this unit’s studies, you listened to the audio piece Therapy Sessions: Client’s Willingness to Change. Having studied the stages of change model and heard examples of the assessment, address the following:

Using an imaginary client, describe how the precontemplation stage might present regarding a significant issue and how a client might move to the contemplation stage on that issue.
Similarly, share an experience of an imaginary client being at the contemplation stage, and explain the factors that might help the client move to preparation and then to action.
Give an example of how you would assess a client’s stage of change. Be specific about the clues you would use to make this assessment.




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Mr. Joe Norton showed up in our offices asking for help. He explained that he has a drinking problem and his wife, Mrs. Norton, declared that she would immediately file for a divorce if her husband does not put an end to his drinking problem by seeking for help in a counseling institution. He was ready to do anything for his marriage not to end, even if it meant putting a stop to his drinking behaviors which always had put him in big troubles with both his wife and family.

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