Discussion 500 words

Discussion 500 words

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The video below is a 12 minutes presentation by Dr. Wei Siang Yu, President of the Borderless Health Care Group. Please watch, but put your thinking cap on first (I recommend a cup of coffee too)! Dr. Yu’s focus in this presentation appears to be primarily the economies of the Pacific Rim, but there is no reason to limit this kind of thinking geographically. Please press pause when needed (I did several times….he wore me out!)

below is the link to the video


His presentation raised several questions for me:

  1. What are the potentialities of his concept of home-centric health care? Limitations? He also referred to consumer-centric health care, and predictive health care.
  2. While we’re at it, what is the untapped potential of globalization in health care? Limitations? As you know, health care has been very slow to globalize, largely because of the fixed nature of physicians and hospitals….is this limitation a given?
  3. What kind of prerequisites would have to be met for some of Dr. Yu’s ideas to be established? (I’m thinking connectivity, access to computers/smart phones/applications, and also overcoming inertia of the medical establishment)

I’m just throwing this out there! It’s fun to think about where things might be headed, but also very different from the “medical establishment” we’ve all become accustomed to. Feel free to think “blue sky” here, and take the discussion in different directions.




Solution Preview

There are a lot of changes that have occurred towards the healthcare sector in the modern days which in one way or the other facilitates towards the preferences of different individuals. Home-centric services are getting much popular as compared to previous times when most patients preferred to receive treatments from hospitals. The direction has great potential as it is much comfortable for an individual to get professional deliver services at home instead of travelling to the medical centres (Pang et al., 2015). First of all, a large number of Asians state that they spend more than an hour queuing and only 2 minutes with the doctors which questions the quality of healthcare in these institutions. Most of the individuals are therefore in search of a time-saving operation that will be worth their money.

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