“A Rose for Emily”
What foreshadowing of the discovery of the body of Homer Barron are we given earlier in the story? Share your experience in reading ” A Rose for Emily”: did the foreshadowing give away the story for you? Did they heighten your interest?

Answer all questions in one thread, and comment on at least three other classmates’ posts.

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Honestly, this story scared me. Foreshadowing is evident when we see Emily going to the drugstore and says “I want some poison” (Serravalle de Sá & Faulkner 5). When the pharmacist demands to know the use, Emily intimidates him, and she does not give him the answer. However, the pharmacist indicates on the box that the medicine is for rats. Just like any other poisonous drug, the rat poison has an image of a skull and bone that show how dangerous the content is. 

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