Discussion and response

Discussion and response

Note: I need one copy for discussion and Response


Choose one of the real-world exercises at the end of the chapter on page 430 (10-1 through 10-3, 10-5). Your post should be at least 250 words and include at least one citation and reference formatted using APA 6 requirements.

Response: You should give response to attached document which is posted by my friend, You need to go through his post and give response to that post. your response must be professional, courteous, substantive, add to the conversation, a minimum of 50 words, and more than a statement of agreeing or accolades.

1. Discussion in 250 words.

2. Response to my friend post in 50 words.

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Disasters often happen and cause lots of damage in the areas where they occur. Most of the natural disasters are uncontrollable. Some of the natural disasters likely to occur in California are wildfire, floods and earthquakes. Although some don’t happen so often, when they occur they cause lots of damage in the area, and this makes the government spend lots of money while trying to control them when it happens.

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