discussion enviromental science

discussion enviromental science

Read the section “What’s Your Take” found on page 78 (15th Edition) of your text. Address each of the following:

Should U.S. automakers switch to diesel engines as the Europeans have?
Should global climate change be considered in the discussion regarding the use of diesel fuels? Should problems of air pollution (particulate emissions) prevent the increased use of diesel fuel?
The U.S. government is proposing limiting imports of foreign cars that are generally more ‘environmentally favorable’. This move will help automakers in the U.S. and arguably provide more jobs. Do the benefits to U.S. companies and workers outweigh the environmental impacts? What are your views?

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  1. Should U.S. automakers switch to diesel engines as the Europeans have?

I think that the U.S automakers should switch to diesel engines because they are more efficient and as a result they produce less carbon dioxide.  By doing that, it will decrease the global warming greatly. Global warming has adverse effects on the environment and also human health. Even though diesel engines have a negative effect of emitting particulate matter to the environment, they can be customized to reduce this effect (“06/01793 Environmental Analysis Of The Energy Use Of Hemp — Analysis Of The Comparative Life Cycle: Diesel Oil Vs. Hemp-Diesel”).

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