Discussion Questions for Case Study: Sustainable Business

Discussion Questions for Case Study: Sustainable Business

Article and Questions are in file. There are 5 questions.

You should complete the case after reading the corresponding chapter and working through the course learning tools for that chapter. The cases must be answered thoroughly and professionally. Cases should be prepared in Microsoft Word and uploaded to the appropriate assignments folder on or before their due date. The answers must be numbered and the text of each question must be included. Each case is worth 100 points.

90 – 100 points: Each case question is answered accurately, thoroughly, and professionally. Professionalism in writing includes proper spelling, grammar and presentation. Outside research will be presented- AND – Reference to textbook concepts will be presented. You will provide proper citations for all research.



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1. Some critics argue that sustainability is popular only because it allows industrialized countries to believe, falsely, that consumer-driven lifestyles can continue indefinitely. In what ways do you believe your own lifestyle is sustainable? Unsustainable?
I consider myself to be a sustainable individual as a few realities throughout my life. I utilize energy light to lessen expending a considerable measure of power energy, adjacent to I utilize my very own coffee cup when I purchase coffee from bistro store, which affects the environment positively, I express this since I am versatile to change. In this way, if something is removed from my life I’ll discover contrasting options to fill whatever void has been made in my life from the misfortune. The main thing in my way of life or life that can’t be replaced or adjusted to the loss of is my family.

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