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Discussion responses

Health Care Finance

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Capital Decisions

Posted by Rohan

If I were to present a hospital project, it would be based on the existing services of the hospital. New adaptations and ideas are always important when running a successful organization. However, being able to perfect the existing services shows the valor of a forever lasting organization.

In order to perfect these existing services, there will need to be a cost layout and management plan. There will need to be a budget present for improvements, repairs, and diagnostics of each system. Improving these things will allow for a more accurate system and leave little to no possibility for error. The project will also use costs to create training courses on the new improvements to the system. Although the staff may be knowledgeable of the current system in use, they will need to take these training courses to become familiar with any new changes or modification to the existing mainframe. Taking these courses will also serve as a refresher to the staff to ensure they are up to code. I would entail in my project the payback period to be over the course of two years, with a possibility of paying a year earlier depending on revenue. This would show good faith to the corporate associate who I am presenting to and create a sense of confidence in my ideas.

I expect the outcome of this project to be highly successful. I would be able to incorporate new ideas and functions while continuing to keep the same system in place. I believe this will also save on spendatures and finances due to not needing to replace the whole system with a new one. They say if it is not broke, don’t fix it, but I believe that anything can be maintained and improved at the same time.

Substance Abuse.

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Smoking Discussion forum 1

Posted by Brandi

In my household my step father smoked cigarettes as a solitary habit, but outside on the porch, because if he did it in the house my mother would freak out. I always thought it was strange for her to even date someone who smoked cigarettes since she hated it so much. Even now my younger brothers smoke and she always speaks loudly with no filter about how disgusting she thinks they are because they smoke even when they do it outside. I have never smoked cigarettes or even tried them, because I feel the same as my mother. I hate the smell it chokes me just being next to someone. When passing people who smoke even outside, I tell my children to hold their breath until we pass and call it a cancer breeze. I am a hygienist and even when my patients come in and they have smoked prior to entering the office you can still smell them no matter how much perfume or cologne they dose themselves with. I can only imagine what it must be like for a child growing up in a household where a family member smokes indoors or in a car and their belongings always smelling like smoke.

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Personal Habit forum 1

Posted by natasha

No personally I do not feel smoking can be considered a solidary habit. Its effects can harm everyone around the smoker. Secondhand smoke can be perceived as more dangerous than the smoke that is inhaled through the actual cigarette of the smoker.When you walk into a home of a smoker you are exposed to secondhand smoke and the respiratory irritants of the cigarette. Smoke gets into your clothes, hair under your fingernails. The smell of the cigarette will linger and even stain walls and the white blinds can turn yellow. I was invited to a karaoke at my husband’s fathers club. I was excited to spend time with family.The minute that we stepped into the club a smoke cloud went out the door. The club smelled so bad of cigarette smoke that I personally became ill.The next day when I woke up, I smelled like cigarette and then I developed a bronchiolitis infection.Because I was around cigarette smoke, that other people were partaking in, I became ill. Therefore I don’t see how this can be perceived as a personal habit as I was victimized at the choice of others.

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Caffeine Forum 2

Posted by Jaclyn

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that increases dopamine, epinephrine, and adrenaline to essentially “wake” the body up (Hoey, 2019). Caffeine in moderation is the key to keeping the body healthy, but when it is abused, it can do more harm than good. One of the most popular caffeine drinks are energy drinks. These are also the most commonly abused caffeine drinks on the market (Mahoney, 2019). In regard to a “legal age limit”, I think it should definitely be monitored in young children. I do not think there should be a legal age limit for all caffeine products, but I definitely feel that drinks like energy drinks should not be as easily accessible to people under 18. However, this would be hard to enforce because most drinks have some form of caffeine in them. While imposing an age limit may seem like the right step, like alcohol, teens will find ways to get a hold of caffeinated beverages, like energy drinks.

Hoey, N. M. V. P. (2019). Caffeine’s effects on the body. Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health. Retrieved from http://search.ebscohost.com.db24.linccweb.org/login.aspx?direct=true&db=ers&AN=94415346&site=eds-live

Mahoney, C. R., Giles, G. E., Marriott, B. P., Judelson, D. A., Glickman, E. L., Geiselman, P. J., & Lieberman, H. R. (2019). Intake of caffeine from all sources and reasons for use by college students. Clinical Nutrition, 38(2), 668–675. https://doi-org.db24.linccweb.org/10.1016/j.clnu.2018.04.004

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Legal Age for Caffeine? Forum 2

Posted by Elena

I do not think there should be a legal age limit for caffeine. Honestly, I think this would make caffeine taboo and more appealing to young people because it’s restricted. The studies on the negative effects are inconclusive and moderate use may have positive effects (Hart & Ksir, 2018). Being a dental professional, I do think that our consumption of coffee, soft drinks, and energy drinks is excessive, but this is due more to their sugar content and acidic qualities. Regulating caffeine intake is a family/parenting issue, not a legal one, in my opinion. I grew up in a household where caffeine was limited and almost nonexistent. My mother kept the fridge stocked with water, juice, and milk. It wasn’t as if soda was banned, but it wasn’t readily available. I think this is why I never really developed a taste for it. Even now, I drink coffee in the morning before work and that’s about it. Occasionally, I’ll drink a soda, but I rarely finish it. I prefer water because it actually quenches my thirst. I don’t think it’s up to the law to regulate caffeine intake of our youth. I think it’s up to the parents to regulate and educate.

Hart, C., & Ksir, C. (2018). Drugs, society & human behavior (17th Ed.), Caffeine (pp. 258-259). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

Strategic planning

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Postedby SIERRA

Describe one way you can ensure success when implementing your HCO’s strategic plan. Then describe a potential problem in effectively moving from transitioning to implementation and why it is a problem.

There are a wide variety of ways in which one can ensure success when implementing strategic plans within a Health Care Organization.A few of the methods, and procedures that can be used are:

Identifying the strategic planning objectives and ensuring they are clearly communicated.

Providing a clear description of the planning process, and ensure it is communicated clearly.

Have full support of those in leadership roles and ensure that they will provide the support and resources necessary for successful implementation.

Have a clearly defined plan for roles and responsibilities and ensure that all involved are aware of this division of duties.

Identify the key strategic planning facilitator.This ensures that the project stays on track and this person can field all concerns and help to reduce delays and confusion.

Establish a clear strategic planning schedule and communicate it to all those impacted.

Assemble relevant historical data

Resolve not to overanalyze historical data

Review past strategies to identify successes and failures.

Conduct strategic planning orientation meetings at regular intervals.

Reinforce future orientation sessions and prepare ways in which to gain support and stimulate new ways of thinking.

Even in the best laid out strategic plans, there can be negative components.A potential problem in effectively moving from transitioning to implementation of a Healthcare Organization Strategic Plan is not taking into consideration changes in the environment, priorities which are out of alignment, and not having a full understanding of what is involved in implementation and missing components that impact results.Additionally, a continuous reminder must be made to ensure that during the transition key staff is involved and that communication remains clear and concise. Without these two factors there is bound to be confusion, frustration, and often negative results during implementation.


Strategic Planning: Why It Makes a Difference, and How to Do It. (2009). Journal of oncology practice, 5(3), 139–143. doi:10.1200/JOP.0936501

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Transitioning to Implementation

Posted by Kyra

There are many key components to effectively implementing a strategic plan. One component is having a solid strategic plan to even implement. This comes with ensuring that most if not all constituents are involved in the planning process. This will help with making sure most of the organization feels apart of the changes and that any potential concerns are thought about before they actually occur, or they pose minimal issues if they do occur.

A potential problem that could arise while transitioning to implementation is a lack of knowledge on how to properly implement the strategic plan, which boils down to a lack of communication. This is a problem because just like developing the plan each constituent and department should be well knowledgeable on how they contribute to the overall success of the plan (Dalum, 2019). Communication minimizes the possibility of a larger issue. It is like ensuring that the left hand knows what the right is doing.


Dalum, M. (2019, April 20). The 5 Biggest Challenges to Strategy Implementation – Acadal. Retrieved from https://acadal.com/the-5-biggest-challenges-to-str…




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