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  1. Should Research in Motion use single product or multi-product break-even analysis? Explain.
  2. Nokia’s managers rely on reports of variable costs. How can variable costing reports, prepared using the contribution margin format, help managers in computing break-even volume in units? Would you recommend a different method?
  3. What is the concept of diminishing returns?
  4. It is invaluable to have a positive and good working relationship with your boss. When you have a strong professional relationship with your boss, you are more likely to feel positive in your work environment, happy with your job, and more successful and efficient in your responsibilities and roles in the office.
    1. a.Based on the article stated above, discuss three secrets that you can evaluate the relationship between your manager and his employees including yourself.
    2. If your relationship with your boss is suffering, it might be you’ve lost their trust, or you haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately, Whatever the reason, how can you build a connection that’s more than “just OK”? What steps can you take to improve your interactions?


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  1. Should Research in Motion use single product or multi-product break-even analysis? Explain.

Research in motion is a telecommunication and wireless equipment manufacturer and designer located in Canada. Considerably, break-even analysis a technique used by incorporating total fixed and variable costs which are compared with the sales revenue to ascertain the level of sales value, sales volume or production at which the company makes neither a loss nor a profit (Kim, 2015). As such, it is a technique that can be used to determine whether products are priced correctly. The technique can be used to calculate how much the company needs to sell to make a profit. Notably, single product break-even analysis is used to calculate the point of net loss or profit for a single product (Kim, 2015). On the other hand, the multi-product break-even analysis is used to calculate the net loss or profit for the overall products in the company. Given the fact that Research in Motion is a multiproduct manufacturing company, 

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